Extensive recovery investigation for individuals

  • Extensive recovery investigation for individuals

    This investigation consists out of the following:

    Personal information, including:
       1.   Surname
       2.   Given name(s)
       3.   Date of birth
       4.   Nationality
       5.   Marital status
       6.   Partner surname
       7.   Partner given name(s)
       8.   Partner date of birth
       9.   Partner nationality
       10. Information about children

    Address information, including:
       1.   Street & House number
       2.   Postal code and city
       3.   Phone number
       4.   Parcel

    Source of income investigation by detective, including:
       1.   Employer
       2.   Job role
       3.   Date of recruitment
       4.   Business address
       5.   Phone number
       6.   Owned companies (including Chamber of Commerce registration)

    Cadastral assessment, including:
       1.   Land register (Netherlands)
       2.   Beneficiary
       3.   Cadastral designation

    Marine registers of ownership

    Investigation by detective on financial relations, including:
       1.   Banking contacts
       2.   Bank address
       3.   Bank phone
       4.   Account number
       5.   General relevant information

    Payment history investigation by detective

    Other relevant information


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Active CSI: Accredited by the min. of Justice under number PEB 1188.

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