Investigation into adultry or cheating

  • Investigation into adultery or cheating

    Do you have a suspicion that you partner might be committing adultery or is cheating on you? Get rid of the doubt!

    A (suspicion of) cheating partner might just be the single worst thing that could occur in a relationship. Are you afraid that your partner might be having an affair? Does this insecurity come with a constant stress? Our detectives can offer you certainty and proof. Whether your suspicion is correct or incorrect, at least you will know for sure.

    Active CSI supports you in getting back the grip on your marriage or relation. We are fully licensed to discretely follow and observe your partner, get proof if available and thus make sure your suspicion is answered.

    Signs of adultery, what could imply an affair?

    If you’ve come this far and are now reading this page, you probably already have a suspicion that your partner might be cheating on you. The following indicators might be present:

    - Your partner has lost his interest for intimacy. He might be getting it elsewhere.
    - The agenda is suddenly filled with appointments, a lot of which takes place at abnormal hours.
    - Text messages are deleted after being read, a phone call isn’t answered after looking at the caller ID.
    - Suddenly your partner is spending a lot more time in front of the mirror getting ready for the day. Is he or she putting in more effort for    yourself, or for somebody else?
    - In gesprekken is uw partner ineens onredelijk, agressief of stiller dan normaal. Vreemdgaan lokt vreemd gedrag uit.

    Of course these indicators might have other reasons and don’t always mean your partner is having an affair. As a lot of situations can be explained in several ways, your own enquiries might lead to answers as “I bumped into a friend and we decided to have a drink”, “I had to work late” or “I’m just tired”. Truth or cover-up? A specialized investigation agency allows you to be sure. Maybe your suspicion is simply wrong, in which case your partner deserves not to know about your concerns. Maybe your suspicion is completely right, in that case you might as well be completely sure by obtaining proof. It’s often the uncertainty which forms the largest burden and prevents you from moving on.


    As each investigation requires a different set of methods to be deployed, providing an exact price without knowing the case itself remains difficult. To our experience the average cost of this kind of investigation varies between € 750 and € 2,500. Please contact us and explain your situation to us, we will be able to quickly provide you with a personal advice, price and approach.

    The sub menu on the left of your screen provides for a further explanation of our services. If you have any questions or if you’re looking for a personal advice: Please contact us using the form below, or give us a call at +31(0)33 299 00 80. (GMT+1)

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