Digital research

  • Digital research

    As we live in a strongly digitalized era, the internet provides for a great source of retrieving information. Much information lies hidden in devices as computers, tablets and smartphones. This is why Active CSI has a team of digital investigators available, which specializes in retrieving such information.

    Investigation of lost information

    Did your hard drive with confidential information or business intelligence crash? Are confidential text messages on your smart phone deleted, by accident or possibly on purpose? Do you have a suspicion of fraud taking place within your organization? Active CSI uses state of the art technology to retrieve data which is presumed to be lost.

    Forensic IT

    Cybercrime is a rapidly growing source of corporate fraud. Our forensic IT specialists will look for a digital paper trail left by somebody in the past, or will distantly monitor any traces somebody might leave in the future. By combining both traditional investigation methods with present digital technology, Active CSI is able to provide for repressive action towards your digital concerns.

    Monitoring software

    The digital investigators deployed by Active CSI on your case, are able to monitor all activities taking place from a computer, smart phone or tablet, using special monitoring software. This enables you to directly intervene if any undesired action takes place from the device, or collect proof of matters using this software. Both parties are required to give permission for this installation.

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