Finding missing persons

  • Finding missing persons

    Active CSI is specialized in tracing individuals who are missing involuntary or voluntary. An example of the latter status could relate to people who simply don’t want to be found, fleeing from high debts or alimony obligations. By performing a solid and multi-facetted investigation, these people are traced. Our clients in these cases are often banks, insurance companies, other debt collection agencies and consumers. Active CSI achieves a success ratio of approximately 80% in finding these missing persons.

    Tracing involuntary missing persons

    A second important focus is tracing individuals who are missing involuntarily. People regularly disappear, while the police and justice department might not spend enough time, or time at all, by a lack of crime indications. However, time and fast action is extremely important and as governmental institutions often work slowly, many people turn to Active CSI to receive support in finding their loved ones. By hearing witnesses, examining areas of importance and looking for trace evidence, our specialists are more than often able to find a trace of the missing person.

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