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Active CSI Investigation

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Partner alimony investigation

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Investigation into adultery

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Debt collection services

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Active CSI Investigations, Private Detective and Debt Collection
A range of solutions

Private detective, Civil Investigation and Debt Collection agency Active CSI was founded by a former police detective and two business experts. Our mission is to investigate and solve cases which are not handled by the police or other governmental institutions by lack of possibilities or priorities. Active CSI therefore focuses on a broad number of investigating tasks, based on our belief that every situation can be solved.

A range of solutions

Active CSI is the only organization in the Netherlands which is able to combine the three individual disciplines of civil investigation, private detective and debt collection services. Depending on your case one of these focus areas may be leading.

Insurance companies might find themselves not only challenged by unpaid invoices, but also receive claims in which fraud might be committed. We also work on cases wherein consumers purchase a considerable number of goods, only to see these goods vanished into thin air afterwards. Depending on your needs we might deliver a combination of investigating and debt recovery services, or just regular debt collection services.

3 divisions : Private detective, corporate investigations and debt collection

The Active CSI services are divided into three divisions: Private detective, civil investigations and debt collection services. Our website provides for a clear overview of our services. Please click on the division of your interest to read more in-depth information in the submenu on your left.

Suspecting adultery?

Don't wait any longer! Let Active CSI look into it!

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Unpaid bills?

Active CSI helps with all kinds of nonpayment.

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Unjustified alimony?

Don't wait any longer! Let Active CSI look into it!

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Active CSI accredited by

Active CSI: Accredited by the min. of Justice under number PEB 1188.

Registered with CBP under notification number M1402140.