Debt recovery investigation / information

  • Debt recovery investigation / information

    Is there anything left to claim? Active CSI finds out.

    If you have a claim on a party it might be important to find out whether sufficient funds and possessions are available before taking further steps. A recovery investigation performed by Active CSI provides for a complete overview of possibilities to seize attributes and the overall capital position of your opponent.

    We are able to retrieve a large amount of information based on either the full name and date of birth (consumers) or the complete company information (corporations). Active CSI has worked on numerous debt recovery investigations, working for law firms, corporations and consumers who want to find out whether it’s useful to take a party to court.

    The first question a smart lawyer will always ask is ‘if we win the case, does the party actually have the funds or possessions to pay the claim we were awarded?’ Of course the effort and costs involved with a judicial process would be wasted if the counterparty would not be able to do so. A debt recovery investigation is a perfect way to answer this question.

    These debt recovery investigations offer certainty about the advisability of a judicial procedure or measures to seize assets while the procedure is under court review. It tells you whether you’re dealing with an ‘empty bucket’, or that the costs of the judicial procedure might be reclaimed. Active CSI investigates whether your opponents has properties which might be seized based upon either a court verdict in the case itself, or be frozen while awaiting the verdict of the court and therefore cannot be siphoned off in the meantime.

    Information about possible assets

    A debt recovery investigation provides you with up-to-date information about assets that might possibly be seized. In addition to a report stating the financial position of the person or company involved, Active CSI will look for other objects such as portable goods, real estate and possible hidden funds or deposits. The goal of this recovery investigation is for you to decide whether it is wise to bring a case to court. Obviously, knowing whether your opponent has the capital and if this might be frozen is an important insight for your decision.

    By performing a debt recovery investigation we are able to find out how and where you can collect your claim and find out about the financial position of companies and corporations.

    If you want to have a person or company checked with a debt recovery investigation, Active CSI is just the partner you’re looking for. We check the solvency and credit rating of the company or individual, after which we will send you a report that states whether the person was speaking the truth when they informed you they were not able to pay their debt to you.

    Preemptive action in debt recovery investigations

    Clients not paying their bills form a huge risk towards companies, especially when the financial stakes are high. One way of limiting this risk is to conduct an administrative investigation on a third party before entering into an agreement with them. This helps to prevent problems in the future and the necessity to perform a debt recovery investigation when the problem has already occurred. Our detectives are available to support you with these administrative investigations and provide you with an advice on other preemptive measures. Please contact us to discuss your case with one of our investigators.

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