Seizing or freezing assets

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    Seizing or freezing assets

    Your debtor isn’t paying your invoice for whatever reason and by the time that beneficial court verdict is finally obtained, everything left will probably be already gone. Dutch law offers a very useful alternative to secure your interest: seizing or freezing your debtors’ assets.

    If you haven’t started a judicial procedure yet, or if this is on its way but the court’s verdict has not yet been determined, it is possible to file a special court petition which requests for a freeze on capital, goods or real estate the debtor might own. These petitions are often filed successfully and are delivered without noticing the debtor in advance, therefore preventing any ‘anticipating’ action on behalf of your debtor. In order for such a petition to be effective, it is necessary to have some insights into the possessions of your debtor.

    As legal procedures might demand for considerable investments, it is wise to have Active CSI perform a recovery investigation for you. We will provide you with an overview of all registered possessions and debts your debtor has, thus creating an insight in the situation and answering the question whether sufficient funds are available to freeze.

    In close cooperation with specialized law firms, we are ready to review your options with you on how to claim your funds. With our specialization in tracing possessions and sources of income, having Active CSI perform a recovery investigation might form your missing piece of the puzzle.

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