Partner alimony investigation

  • Partner alimony investigation

    Lowering your partner alimony

    Depending on the country of your residence and the local rules set for your divorce and by law, you might be paying your ex-partner a monthly alimony based on both of your current and historical incomes. In the Netherlands and other countries, the required amount might be lowered or even entirely relinquished if your ex-partners enters into an ‘economic unity’ with a new partner. In other words if he or she remarries or lives together in such a way that a marital situation could be implied.

    Active CSI investigates whether this can be determined; the investigation consists out of three phases.

    The Partner alimony investigation

    Phase 1:   Demonstrate and proof that your ex-partner is living together. A general requirement to proof this is the ‘3x3 guideline’: three                    separate observations of at least three days are made in three different timeframes.
    Phase 2:   Demonstrating and proving a mutual household.
    Phase 3:   Demonstrating and providing an ‘affective and caring’ relation.

    Indicators of this ‘economic unity’ might be that groceries are done and paid for together and that both persons use each other’s possessions such as a residence or a car. Proving this can’t be done from inside our offices; we will move out into the field and observe these situations while they occur.

    During this observation we record our findings on camera and create a report, in which a pattern between the three aforementioned phases is clearly described. As Active CSI is licensed by the Dutch Department of Justice as an investigation agency, the report delivered to you will be accepted in a court of law. However, our experience shows that it regularly occurs that a court procedure can be avoided altogether, as the ex-partner comes to an agreement in lowering or terminating the partner alimony once confronted with the evidence.

    Several investigation methods for partner alimony

    Although observation is the most common method for an alimony investigation, we might also perform digital research or an investigation within the neighborhood. All our alimony investigations take place in a constant consultation with both yourself and your lawyer, making sure that our findings are continuously optimized towards the desired results.

    We are proud to inform you that nearly 100% of the Active CSI clients have been successful in lowering or terminating their partner alimonies based on our reports. Stop being in doubt or being fooled today and contact us to have your situation solved.

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