• Active CSI Civil & Criminal Investigation

    The Active CSI detectives work according to a specific concept on every assignment. After concluding an intake meeting with our (new) client in which the scope and financial aspect of the investigation is determined, we start our investigation. While carrying on with the investigation, we always maintain regular and close contacts with our client, assuring secured continuation, avoiding unexpected additional costs and enabling us to adjust strategies based on new insights.

    In addition to these contacts and proceedings, a report is created and delivered which is in full accordance with Dutch criminal law (Ref: Wetboek van Strafvordering, articles 339-344). As no investigation is the same, we value a case-by-case determination of the best possible route, together with our client. Several investigation techniques can be used, consisting out of:

    - Static or dynamic observation.
    - Witness statements and interviews.
    - Recovery investigation.
    - Forensic investigation


    Sometimes many organizations are involved in the same case. Dealing with e.g. the police, Child Protective Services or municipal institutions, Active CSI can fulfill the role of being a knowledgeable and client-oriented intermediary, assuring all contacts are dealt with professionally and with a maximum result.

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Active CSI: Accredited by the min. of Justice under number PEB 1188.

Registered with CBP under notification number M1402140.