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    Active CSI Debt Collection: No Cure No Pay

    Our debt collection services are delivered free of charge for regular clients and up to a possible start of a judicial procedure. The costs are recovered from your debtor, the height of which is determined by the Dutch national guideline ‘Rapport Voorwerk II’.

    Which conditions apply to cases we work on?

    The claim has to be a ‘solid claim’, which means that:

    - an order confirmation was physically signed or the order is subject to terms &   conditions
    - the debtor was sent two payment reminders and a notice of default
    - the claim is delivered with the correct address and phone number

    If the claim turns out to be irrecoverable due to a lack of solvency at the debtor, or if the claim turns out to be unjustified, an administrative fee of € 30 is charged. If an already awarded debt collection assignment is withdrawn, 50% of the costs are charged to the Active CSI client.

    Our website offers you the possibility of entering all debtor and claim information online, after which Active CSI starts to work on your case. You can monitor our work using the chosen login code with the accompanying password, 24/7! Of course you’re also welcome to drop by our office and pick up your files or discuss certain matters personally. Active CSI represents personal contact and short lines of action. We don’t process bulk files, to assure that each claim is handled with the same personal care and discretion.



    It might occur that your invoice is disputed for a large number of reasons. A certain service might not be delivered according to your clients expectations. Active CSI can fill in a mediation role with such matters, charging our client with only 15% of the amount of the principle sum.

    Vanished debtors

    It might also occur that your debtor seems to have vanished into thin air. One of the benefits offered by CSI is a mix of both debt collection as civil investigation services, for the latter division we regularly set out a quest to find missing individuals. Active CSI is licensed by the Dutch Department of Justice to do so. Our rates for an address investigation are determined at € 95 per hour, excluding any sales taxes that may apply on transactions within the Netherlands. On average an address investigation takes one hour of work. Before we start our work, we will consult with you on how much time we think we need and may spend.

    Our expertise in the field of debt collection services and advice regarding the restructuring of debtor management, has allowed us to service a large number of organizations to their satisfaction.

    The sub menu on the left of your screen provides for a further explanation of our services. If you have any questions or if you’re looking for a personal advice: Please contact us using the form below, or give us a call at +31(0)33 299 00 80. (GMT+1)

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Active CSI: Accredited by the min. of Justice under number PEB 1188.

Registered with CBP under notification number M1402140.