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    Active CSI is a licensed private detective agency and is registered as such with the Dutch Department of Justice. The Active CSI detectives are well experienced in a large range or investigations, both in the Netherlands as in other countries. Our private detectives assure that your investigations are dealt with fast, confidential, discrete and with the upmost care.

    What is a private detective?

    The phrase ‘private detective’ often depicts an image of Sherlock Holmes stalking some obscure character in the shadows of the night. The expertise of a present-day private detective however, is somewhat more extensive. Our tasks vary from field work to digital research and more.

    Laws and legislation

    A common misconception about private detectives is that we might operate outside of the boundaries of the law. Let’s dismiss this directly: whatever a private detective does, it’s always strictly bound by the law. Whatever proof we might find, simply has to be retrieved in a legal manner in order to be able to successfully bring it to court if necessary. For that matter, we’re bound to the same rules as the police, with the difference that our possibilities can be a bit more limited as we will not be able to receive legal search warrants for private properties.

    According to Dutch law, a private detective agency requires a license of the Dutch Department of Justice to fulfill his work. Other sources that provide for our ‘rules of engagement’ are found in specific legislation for civil security organizations and Dutch privacy legislation. (Ref: ‘Wet en de Regeling Particuliere Beveiligingsorganisaties en Recherchebureaus’ and ‘Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens’.)

    What does a private detective investigate?

    Private detectives are often contracted in a quest to find missing persons, to prove possible adultery of a partner or perform research on partner alimony cases. Although the police also focus on finding missing persons, their time investment is often limited as the case itself is only one of many on their desks. A private detective is able to carry on his investigation when the police have put theirs on hold. We also work on cold cases which have been archived by the police for quite a while.

    How does a private detective work?

    In our digitalized society, the internet forms a great source for research. Some detective agencies even exclusively specialize in digital research. By knowing where to look online, a private detective is often able to find out a lot about a person. Databases can be browsed, social networks can be monitored and personal associations can be retrieved.

    Although the internet provides for one great source, going out in the field is still a necessity. Undercover work, being able to remain unnoticed for long periods of time and waiting those hours to get a hold of that one photo that provides proof for a case. Observation of an individual is required in many cases, although tapping phone lines or other matters requiring a search warrant are strictly reserved for the police.

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Active CSI: Accredited by the min. of Justice under number PEB 1188.

Registered with CBP under notification number M1402140.